Bothersome Heel Pain Could Be a Symptom of Haglund’s Syndrome

Troubling heel pain in Joliet can be caused by a number of problems, one of which is known as Haglund’s syndrome. Although that name may sound alarming, the condition usually can be resolved with conservative treatment.

Haglund’s syndrome has three components. The patient experiencing heel pain in Joliet has developed a bone spur or simply has an abnormally large heel bone. When the person frequently wears shoes that put excessive pressure against the heel and ankle, the Achilles tendon becomes inflamed and swells. In addition, a bursa between the bone and the tendon becomes inflamed. Bursae, located throughout the body, are small sacs filled with fluid. They provide cushioning to reduce friction.

This combination of issues is diagnosed as Haglund’s syndrome by a podiatrist. Usually, an X-ray is required to confirm that the heel bone is larger than it should be.

The foot doctor may recommend several strategies to eliminate swelling and inflammation. Alternating between the application of cold and heat packs to the area while resting the foot is helpful. Deep-heat ultrasound therapy may be advisable. The doctor might inject cortisone, a corticosteroid, into the affected area. This medication is very effective at reducing inflammation.

A change of shoes is imperative, both for healing and for preventing the syndrome from occurring again. The podiatrist provides information on the best footwear for each patient. People tend to think that high heels cause all the problems, but in this case, any shoe that applies too much pressure to the heel should be avoided. To schedule an appointment with Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates, a person can find contact details by visiting their website.

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