Boarding Services At A Vet Hospital In Alpharetta

In Georgia, vet hospitals provide boarding services for busy pet owners. The services are beneficial and lower common risks to the pets. The staff at the hospital perform additional services for boarded pets, too. A local Vet Hospital in Alpharetta offers superb accommodations for all domestic pets.

Requirements for All Pets

Pet owners are required to provide an updated vaccination record for any pets. All pets staying at the animal hospital through the boarding services must be vaccinated for rabies and species-specific conditions. The animal hospital retains the right to refuse boarding services to prevent the transmission of dangerous diseases and viruses.

Reviewing Boarding Options

Boarding options may include private or semi-private accommodations for the pet. The pet owner must review all options and determine if the accommodations are suitable for their pet. A caregiver is assigned to each pet that stays at the animal hospital and will monitor the pet at regular intervals.

Additional Services Available with a Boarding Reservation

Select boarding packages may include additional services for the pets. Boarding is available for any pet that underwent a surgical procedure or that is scheduled for a surgery the following morning. The services are also available for pet owners who must travel or who have longer than average workdays. Select grooming and dental care services are often included in boarding packages as well.

Why Should Pet Owners Utilize Boarding Services?

All veterinarians recommend boarding services for pet owners under specific conditions. Pets that are left to their own devices for a long duration could become injured. Some pets may also suffer from separation anxiety and act out due to symptoms of the condition. Boarding services place the pets with caregivers who monitor the pet’s nutrition and keep the pet out of harm’s way.

In Georgia, vet hospitals offer boarding services for traveling pet owners and for pets who underwent a surgical procedure. The rates for the services are based on a daily fee. However, some discounts could apply depending on how often the services are requested. Pet owners who want to learn more about boarding options at a Vet Hospital in Alpharetta are encouraged to visit right now.

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