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People have been using natural ways of healing since the world began, it is far from new. One thing to keep in mind is that combining natural and traditional methods means that you need to have a good line of communication with both your naturopath and your general practitioner. Both need to know what you are being treated with, medications and such, to avoid complications and adverse reactions. The best naturopathic doctor in Ajax and beyond will always be mindful of that.

Find the Best Fit for You

Are you interested in the use of Chinese natural treatments like acupuncture or teas made from botanicals? Do you want or need to lose weight? It could be that massage therapy or nutritional counselling are exactly what you need. When you visit a doctor, who practices traditional Western medicine not only are they pressed for time, but they are woefully unaware of the properties of natural medicines. A naturopath takes the time to get to know you before setting up an individualized treatment plan for you. Best of all, you are involved in your treatment from start to finish. That is really a refreshing change.

A Delicate Balance

Too many people think that they need to make a choice between their doctor or a naturopath. That is far from true. In truth, a great naturopath works with their patients’ physicians to optimize the benefits of both types of medicine. There are many diseases and illnesses that doctors feel can’t be cured by Western medicine alone, and that naturopaths have had proven success in treating patients. If you are looking for safer effective medical treatments a naturopath is the way to go. That is not to take anything away from traditional medicine as you need to keep your doctor informed of any and all natural treatments you undergo. In Ajax, you will find the best in natural treatments at the Sloan Natural Health Center.

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