Benefits of Testosterone Treatment

The Focus Foundation has spent a great deal of time researching the deficiency of testosterone in males suffering from Klinefelter Syndrome and other conditions where a lack of testosterone is present. Klinefelter Syndrome is where a man has an extra X chromosome, leading to where he exhibits more female characteristics, including enlarged breasts, less facial and body hair, more belly fat, and less muscle strength. Learn how testosterone deficiency treatment can help men with an extra X chromosome exhibit a higher quality of life below.

Problems Experienced by a Lack of Testosterone

Some of the problems experienced by a lack of testosterone due to an extra X chromosome include the following conditions.

– Larger breasts
– Less body hair
– Less facial hair
– More belly fat
– Less muscle strength
– Infertility
– Cognitive defects
– Low level of testosterone
– Small testicles
– Weak bones

A man with an extra X chromosome will exhibit more female characteristics such as less body and facial hair, larger breasts, and less muscle strength. This can lead to a loss of confidence, more self-doubt and anxiety, and even depression, as he will know that he is different from other men in society because of these various differences. He also knows he is not a woman, even though he shares some of their characteristics, so he is different from them as well. Knowing he is not a typical man or woman can really be psychologically draining to a man with an extra X chromosome.

Testosterone Treatment

One effective treatment for a man with an extra X chromosome is to begin taking testosterone treatments early in life, right around the onset of puberty. This can help to reduce potential health problems, including the onset of osteoporosis from weak bones. Additional testosterone in the body makes the bones and muscles stronger, plus it can induce a deeper voice, which can help the man integrate into society more easily because he appears as more of a typical man to other people. This can help to reduce the man’s anxiety and stress of interacting with other people, which can reduce the chances of developing depression.

Adding testosterone treatments also makes it possible for men with an extra X chromosome to father children. Under normal circumstances, a man dealing with such a condition does not usually make enough sperm to father a child, but with testosterone treatments, it is possible for men dealing with Klinefelter Syndrome to father children, which can also reduce anxiety and lessen the chances of developing depression.

The Focus Foundation Is Determined To Find a Klinefelter Syndrome Solution

If a member of your family has an extra X chromosome and is dealing with Klinefelter Syndrome, we can develop a program to improve his quality of life, while also researching the syndrome in hopes of finding a better solution for it. Call us at 1-443-223-7323 or reach us via this form and help us improve our understanding and treatments of Klinefelter Syndrome today.

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