Benefits of Blade-Free Lasik Surgery

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Optometrists

One of the biggest reasons those with vision problems refuse lasik surgery is the fear of a bladed instrument near the delicate tissues of the eyes. It’s a medical procedure that seems as if it’s been pulled straight out of a horror movie and many people can’t get over the thought of a bladed surgery near their eyes. But there is good news for those horror movie aficionados; blade-free lasik is an alternative procedure that offers several benefits to their bladed surgery counterparts.

Finer Control

Lasik surgery of any kind breaks down into this: a flap is cut in the cornea, the corneal tissue is reshaped to correct your specific vision problem, and the flap is returned to its original position. When blade-free lasik is used, two high-speed lasers are used on your eye. One laser cuts a thin line into the cornea, and the other reshapes the corneal tissue. All-laser lasik allows a finer, more precise initial cut into the cornea, and eliminates the need for a blade.

Less Risk

All laser surgery means less risk to the health of your eyeball. The use of the initial laser– called a femtosecond laser– decreases the risk of corneal abrasions during surgery, as well as decreasing the risk of post-surgery astigmatism.

Custom Correction

The flexibility of a laser instrument also gives the surgeon greater options to increase or decrease the thickness of the corneal flap or to fine-tune the reshaping of the corneal tissue. This flexibility allows a surgeon to provide a wide variety of corrective services to an array of patients, thus tailoring your surgery to your specific needs.

With blade-free lasik, your options for safe and effective lasik surgery are even more significant. Search for surgeons in the Jacksonville area, and take the next step towards your improved eyesight.

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