Assistance for Neck And Spine Sports Injuries

by | May 7, 2013 | Health

The spinal cord contains a collection of nerves that send messages throughout the body. That is why neck and spine injuries are serious and can cause body paralysis. From soccer players to motorcyclists, most athletes are at risk for these injuries. If you know or suspect a neck and spine injury, seek a consultation right away. A Neck And Spine Sports Injury Glendale professional deals with the immediate and long-term effects.

A spinal injury victim shows a range of symptoms. The person cannot move or rest the head properly. The legs or arms are weak, numb or paralyzed. The victim of a Neck And Spine Sports Injury should not be moved to prevent further damage. If the body must be moved, it must be stabilized. Remove blood from the area, but do not disrupt the head. This tip stands during the application of CPR.

To determine the extent of an injury, a doctor schedules a physical exam and head scan. It is important to find the exact points of damage, including potentially fatal blood clots. A myelogram reveals bone fractures. Most exams are pain free and find hidden problems.

A sports injury occurs during an active game, warm up or practice period. The injury is diagnosed as either acute or chronic. An acute injury is sudden trauma that causes immediate blood loss, sprains and broken bones. A chronic injury occurs when the acute injury is not fixed properly. Untreated pain and injury will ruin an athlete’s career.

Hot or cold therapy is commonly used to reduce pain and swelling. Cold therapy involves pressing an ice pack against the injured area. Ice soothes blood vessels and returns the body to its natural temperature. Heat therapy treats long-term injuries that cause stiff and sprained muscles. During a warm up, apply a heat pad to relax tense muscles and improve blood flow. Apply before and after an active work session.

A neck and spine injury may be the most serious one that anyone can have. Be cautious when dealing with injuries that are so close to the head. Injured athletes must use their good sense and not ignore doctors or sports trainers. A Neck And Spine Sports Injury Glendale professional helps you reduce the unfortunate effects of any accident.




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