Are You Suffering from Low Back Pain in Ferguson?

When you are suffering from pain in your joints or muscles, you may feel that your only option is surgery. However, chiropractic professionals use a different approach. Chiropractic care focuses on non-surgical therapies of the musculoskeletal system and nervous system. Therefore, spinal manipulation is often emphasized in this type of therapy.

How Chiropractic Care Can Benefit You

Studies have shown that the manual therapies used by a chiropractor can be extremely beneficial in relieving low back pain issues. You can schedule treatments close to you at facilities such as the Back & Neck Care Center. For instance, spinal manipulation is often recommended in chiropractic care. This type of therapy is performed to reduce nerve irritability and restore the range of motion to the lower back. This technique is also called a chiropractic adjustment.

Have You Had a Recent Accident?

Besides treating low back pain in Ferguson, chiropractic specialists also focus on treatments for neck pain. Both types of pain in the lower back and neck may also be treated using electrical muscle stimulation. Whiplash is also treated using manual techniques and electrical currents. Electrical muscle stimulation is recommended to reduce swelling and inflammation. In turn, the body releases endorphins or the body’s natural pain relievers to reduce the level of pain being experience.

That is why it is good to find a nearby chiropractic office for care if you feel you could benefit from these kinds of therapy. Not only is this type of care beneficial for anyone who has low back pain discomfort, it can also be used for an auto accident injuries treatment. For instance, if your neck has been injured in an accident, the therapy that is used is based on the severity or the injuries sustained. The most commonly used method, again, is spinal manipulation. However, one of various techniques may be employed.

As a result, your chiropractic care is tailored to meet your specific requirements. While one technique may be used to treat herniated discs, another technique may be advised to treat degenerative joint syndrome. Spinal manipulation may also be used to stimulate the nervous system so a patient’s normal movements can be restored.

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