Are You Looking for Erectile Dysfunction Therapy, Find an Office Near Laguna Beach CA

by | Aug 17, 2018 | Health

As we age, our bodies just don’t work as they used to during our youth. This is especially true for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. But this occurs more often than you think. Many, many men experience some form of erectile dysfunction during their lives, and it can happen at the most inopportune times. There are many different remedies for this situation, both natural and with the aid of drugs and procedures. But one of the most promising types of erectile dysfunction therapy is through the use of acoustic wave or low-intensity shock wave therapy.

What is this Procedure?

Acoustic wave or low-intensity shock wave therapy is a virtually painless and quick treatment that helps reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. This procedure works by aiming sound waves and low-intensity currents to key areas around the penis. This stimulates blood flow and even creates new blood vessels, ultimately leading to a stronger, longer-lasting erection. The whole process takes only about 30 minutes and has little to no aftereffects. There is also no need for bed rest afterward, as patients can continue on with their day as usual immediately after the procedure.

Benefits of this Procedure

The acoustic wave treatment is perfect for men of all ages because of its many benefits. It’s a great needle-free and drug-free option for men. Not only does it increase blood flow and make for a better erection, but it has a quick turnaround for patients. It’s also effective immediately in most cases, while others require 3-6 more treatments to get the desired effect. This is definitely a treatment you want to look into if you want a better, longer-lasting erection. You just have to find the right office near Laguna Beach, CA to have your consultation and get started.

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