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by | Feb 12, 2016 | Cosmetic and Plastic

Plastic surgery is often spoken of with a tone of leeriness or with a scoff, but its reputation among the majority of people does not usually recognize the usefulness or helpfulness that it can often provide people. A lot of this is because celebrities want to retain a youthful appearance, causing them to pay for and endorse this type of surgery for cosmetic purposes. So plastic surgery is commonly seen as a means to superficial results, and rhinoplasty in Chicago is not spared from this association either.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is plastic surgery specifically focusing on the nose. It comes from the German word, “rhinoplastique,” that means “to change the shape of a nose.” Half a million people for various reasons undergo rhinoplastic surgery every year.

What It Can Improve

Rhinoplastic surgery is not just for “getting a nose job,” or fixing your appearance – though many people do use it for this reason. People who suffer from poor breathing and inhalation through the nose are prime candidates for this procedure, as well as people who have an augmented nose due to a previous injury. In the latter cases, the surgery is otherwise knows as “functional rhinoplasty.”

Airway damage and obstruction are reasons people may have breathing problems. Nasal congestion and a reduced sense of smell are primary symptoms of nasal airway obstruction. Symptoms of long-term nasal obstruction can also include sinus pressure headaches, nosebleeds, and sleep disturbance. A rhinoplasty can be a solution for all of these maladies.

How It Works

Depending on the depth of nose damage you have or amount of augmentation you are looking for, rhinoplasty in Chicago can be limited to the internal nasal passages, or can include surgical treatment of the outer nose. For the internal surgery, incisions are made on the interior of the nostrils and are rarely noticeable by the patient. For surgical treatment of the outer nose, incisions are made between the nostrils. The bone and cartilage of the nose are targeted and augmented in most surgeries, creating the final appearance of your nose.

According to many surgeons, your rhinoplasty will only look good if your surgeon is experienced and respects your nose’s structural integrity. Rarely are artificial pieces put into the nose to help create the shape: most often, your nose’s natural structure is re-sculpted to create the final appearance.  So, if you find a great surgeon that is aware of your needs and honors your body, your rhinoplasty in Chicago is bound to be a success!

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