All About How Oil Massage (and Why You Should Give It a Try)

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Health

Many types of massage employ lotions, creams or oils to lubricate the provider’s hands and create a more pleasant sensation on the skin for the receiver. One type of massage that takes this to the next level is the hot oil massage, utilizing Indian Ayurvedic techniques and principles to create a divine massage experience that benefits the mind, body, and spirit.

Medicinal or Not?

Some Charlotte hot oil massage providers use medicated or infused oils to ramp up the benefits their work can provide. This can be highly beneficial – or can cause reactions in the skin or tissues if the receiver is sensitive to these substances. Be sure to ask your provider first about what their oils contain if you believe you may have this kind of sensitivity.

Hot Oil Benefits

Massage of any kind offers great benefits for the body and mind, but incorporating the use of hot oil can really amplify those benefits. Some of the perks of choosing hot oil massage include:

* Improvement of muscle flexibility and relief of tension.
* Relief of pain that is greater than traditional massage, due to the heat of the oil.
* Treatment of inflammatory conditions that affect the body’s soft tissues.
* Increased ability to relax and achieve deep, restful sleep.
* Improved circulation that can lead to improved immunity and better overall health.
* Relief of symptoms from mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety and better focus for those struggling with ADHD or ADD.
* Improved skin texture and suppleness.

No matter what you’re hoping to achieve from your massage, hot oil therapy is a great way to do it. Contact your nearest massage parlor and ask about their hot oil offerings. You may find that hot oil massage is easier to come by in your area than you originally thought!

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