Advice on Dermatology in Ann Arbor MI

Dermatology in Ann Arbor MI is one of the most sought out medical branches in medicine. This is because of its many uses and applications. A dermatologist is dedicated to everything that has to do with the skin. There are plenty of diseases that affect the skin, many of which are very difficult and complex. The degree of specialization both from the standpoint of diagnosis and treatment is very important. To achieve this, the dermatologist uses many specific techniques some of which are listed below.

Diagnostic Techniques


This is a very easy and simple procedure used by dermatologists. It involves the removal and microscopic examination of the skin in order to make an exact diagnosis. It’s done, in most cases, by prior injection of local anesthetic to prevent pain. Sometimes it’s necessary to make a small stitch to help heal the wound.

Allergy testing

The diagnosis of skin allergies is very complex, so it’s very important to note patient details such as age, occupation or hobbies. For confirmation of suspected allergies, a doctor will sometimes perform allergy tests. These tests involve the application of patches with suspected allergy substances over a period of time. These patches are removed with the doctor proceeding to read the test. If they are positive, the doctor will treat the patient accordingly.

Dermal ultrasound

This ultrasound determines characteristics of skin lesions such as depth, form, content or size. It is a commonly used technique in Dermatology in Ann Arbor MI.

Selective sentinel node biopsy

Melanoma is a skin tumor that originates in melanocytes, the cells responsible for skin color. It also protects us from the effects of solar radiation. When melanoma is very deep, melanocytes are more likely to reach a blood vessel or lymphatic vessel and give distant metastases. When this occurs in the melanoma, in most cases, the first arriving metastatic cells is a lymph node. These lymph nodes help the cells responsible for the body’s defenses recognize cancer cells and prevent them from spreading to the rest of the body. For this reason, it may sometimes find metastatic melanoma extending in these nodes before spreading to the rest of the body. Selective sentinel node biopsy helps to identify the first lymph node to which cancer cells arrive, and allows Dermatology in Ann Arbor MI to choose the best treatment.

You should see a dermatologist for any skin-related issues. For more information contact APD Dermatology today.

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