Abstraction Service for Medical Records

In-Depth Abstraction Service for Medical Records

If you’re currently on the lookout for abstraction service that’s suitable for medical records, then you’re totally in luck. That’s because you can easily rely on the crew here at MD Abstraction in Jacksonville, Florida. Our primary aim as a business is to do our part to accommodate doctors of all varieties. When you need help with data mining and abstraction matters, we can come through for you and for everyone around you. We work tirelessly to give your organization details that are correct and manageable. Our details empower doctors and give them the opportunity to concentrate solely on looking after all of their patients the right way.

An Indefatigable Staff

MD Abstract is a full-service company that has the cooperation of a staff that’s indefatigable and unstoppable. Our crew is made up of some of the most impressive professionals in the entire field. Amanda Skinner works as our Client Development Director. Mark A. Masters is our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President. Pamela Rama is our Chief Medical Officer. Other powerhouses who are part of our staff are Regulatory Affairs Director Shae Walker, Benefits and Accounting Supervisor Liz Dukes and, last but certainly not least, Senior Project Supervisor Lorenzo Bond. These individuals are all more than elated to do everything they can to accommodate our client base day in and day out. They give our abstraction specialties everything they have and more. We’re a medical business that consistently works to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Contact the Crew at MD Abstract

If you want to invest in medical record abstraction service that’s of A+ caliber, let us know. If you want to secure medical record abstraction service that encapsulates excellence, alert us. Call us at any time to book a thorough meeting with our staff members.

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