A Veterinary Clinic in Richmond Offers Care for Senior Pets

Today, pet care services make it possible for dogs and cats to live longer and lead more high quality lives. However, this does not mean that as pets begin to age, they do not need extra care and attention. Regular vet exams can detect any health issues before they become life-threatening or advanced.

When Is a Pet Considered Old?

However, this fact may lead you to wonder just when your pet is considered old. While the answer may vary, generally a pet, like a small dog or cat, is considered a senior at seven years of age. This is the time you should be taking him to a veterinary clinic in Richmond at least twice a year.

Larger dog breeds tend to live shorter lives. Therefore, they often are considered to be older when they turn five or six years of age. Contrary to what some people assume, dogs do not age at a rate of seven human years for each year of a dog’s life. While senior animals may develop age-related conditions, good care from a veterinary clinic enables them to live active, healthy, and happy lives.

Where to Find Out More about Older Pet Care Services

You can find out more about veterinarian services by visiting websites, such as Greatwoodvethospital.com. By visiting the site, you can become more familiar about what kind of treatments to schedule for your cat or dog.

While it may be easy to spot certain outward signs of aging, such as a slower pace, it still is important to remember that a pet’s bodily systems also change as they age. Therefore, a senior pet is more likely to develop diseases that are related to the heart, kidney, or liver. They may also suffer from arthritis or cancer. According to veterinary clinic statistics, cancer accounts for about half the deaths of pets over ten years old.

It is normal for pets to lose some of their hearing or sight as they get older too. Older pets may also develop cataracts, or may not respond as they once did to voice commands. All these types of occurrences make it imperative that you schedule regular vet appointments to provide the best possible care for a senior pet.

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