A Thread Lift for the Face and Neck Can Address Sagging Skin and Wrinkles

It is common for individuals who are in their 30s to reach a point where they notice that at home skin care treatments aren’t providing the results they are looking for. They don’t feel quite ready for a facelift, but they know something more is needed to help them address sagging skin and wrinkles.

Many have benefited from using a thread lift. It is possible to have the treatment performed on the facial skin and also to have a neck thread lift. The treatment involves inserting threads under the skin that serve as an anchor to lift the skin. Also, the fatty tissue under the skin will contract after the threads are inserted, which means that the skin will look tighter.

After about six months, the threads will dissolve. During those six months, collagen will have built up around the threads. It basically creates a framework where new collagen can grow in a way that makes the skin look lifted and youthful.

A facial and neck thread lift will take about 40 minutes. This includes the initial consultation and the treatment. It is common for a numbing cream and a local anesthetic to be used on the facial skin and neck where the threads will be inserted. After the treatment is over, there’s minimal downtime. If you notice some redness at the insertion points, you can cover it with makeup.

Thread lift are safe and effective. They can be used for both men and women who want to address wrinkles and sagging skin.

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