A Brief Guide to Selecting a Drug Treatment Program

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Health

No one should have to fight through their drug addiction alone. That’s why so many drug treatment programs exist: to help individuals on their path to recovery in a supportive and constructive environment. However, every program is different and not all of them will fit your or your loved one’s needs. In order to help your loved one most effectively, you’ll have to know how to weed out your options so you can pick the best possible program. This means knowing what factors to keep in mind during your search.


Quite a few drug treatment programs rely on specific medications to help their patients through the worst of their withdrawal and recovery process. Depending on the type of drug a person is seeking treatment for, withdrawal can be incredibly painful and leave the affected person completely incapacitated. Proper medications can ease the symptoms, but some medications are more beneficial than others. Some withdrawal drugs can even be just as dangerous as the drug your loved one is already addicted to. Be sure to ask the facility what types of medications they use, if any, and be sure to do your research on each medication they mention. Ibogaine is one of the safest withdrawal treatments out there so any facility that uses it may be worth extra consideration.

Living Conditions

The overall living environment of the drug treatment programs you’re considering is extremely important; after all, this is the place you or your loved one will be residing in for several months. You want to ensure it is comfortable while still being constructive. Once again, take your loved one’s needs into account. Look for facilities that cater to people within your loved one’s age range, as well as their religion, physical or mental capacity, as well as other factors.

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