A Better Billing System

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Health And Fitness

It is a not-so-fun part of managing a business, but it is absolutely necessary. It is the billing tasks, and they do not have to be complex, boring, and a source of worry. With fitness club billing software, you and your staff can handle transactions and statements with greater ease. Your clients will certainly notice the difference it makes and everyone can focus on the more fun aspects of hitting the gym. Take a more in-depth look at how this software can make organizing bills more manageable.

Impeccable Integration

This type of program allows gym members to present their credit card just once, and then the software integrates it into a database. This means that client purchases can be processed instantaneously and without any stressful and confusing delays. Forget about waiting for transactions and payments to go through; this program keeps everyone updated and always on the same page. Moreover, keeping track of membership fees and dues is so simple with a system that can handle values in bulk so that the job gets done faster than ever before.

Easy and Efficient

These days customers demand more and more, and one of the things they are seeking is greater flexibility in how they pay. With this program you can have clients register a credit card or bank account to make buying and paying so much more efficient. This allows the client to set up a payment schedule so that they always know when their membership fees are due and where the money will be taken from. Now members can have more liberty to pay their expenses at a time that is convenient and predictable for them. This also helps to cut down on late fees and other administrative issues.

Giving and Getting

This software covers all of your bases, from giving membership perks to receiving all the necessary information to make everything run like a well-oiled machine. This includes issuing and redeeming gift certificates, a members’ account of outstanding and paid amounts, and a collections system that enables staff to see which visitors owe what. Your fitness facility can print deposit slips and allow a member to pay with cash, check, or credit to make things easier. Everything has its place so that bills can be sent and received in a timely manner. This is the next level in revolutionary health club management. Get in on the action and see the results!

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