8 Hormones Used in Anti-Aging Treatments

As a person ages, the body undergoes many changes, and one of the changes that has a major effect on the body is the decrease in natural hormones. Men and women can both feel the effects of the loss of those hormones, experiencing things like hot flashes, fatigue, insomnia, and a decrease in sexual health. Fortunately, it is not a situation that can be remedied with anti-aging treatments. It’s a proven intervention for reducing some of the signs of aging. There are several key hormones that are used in anti-aging treatments, and although each individual requires their own hormone regimen, it will likely contain one or more of the hormones on this list.

HGH, or human growth hormone, is crucial in the repair of skin cells. A decline in HGH will leave a person with sagging skin on the cheeks, neck, and even knees. HGH injections help give skin a more youthful, taut appearance.

Progesterone levels naturally decline as a woman ages, but extreme levels of stress can also lead to a decline. Low levels of this hormone can lead to a myriad of problems like infertility and fibrocystic breast disease. A decline in progesterone can also lead to dull, dry skin. Replacing lost progesterone will restore your skin’s natural glow.

This hormone is responsible for hair growth, the sleep cycle, and skin repair. It is important to maintain proper melatonin levels to ward off melanoma, as melatonin is responsible for repairing skin that has been damaged by UV rays.

Low levels in testosterone in men lead to a whole slew of problems from depression to loss of lean muscle, and even bone fractures. Maintaining proper hormone levels is essential to maintaining your gym body.

Women experience a decline in estrogen levels during and after menopause. Anti-aging treatments for women almost always include some amount of estrogen to combat skin wrinkling and sagging. The hormones also keep skin looking younger and maintaining its elasticity.

One of the biggest offenders when it comes to dull and sagging skin is cortisol levels. Cortisol is affected by aging and stress; low cortisol levels lead to losses in collagen.

Which Hormone Is Best
The anti-aging treatment regimen will be completely tailored to you, the patient, and its makeup will depend on your sex, age, and symptoms. You doctor at the Advanced Hormone Replacement Clinic in Manhattan Beach will review your case before prescribing your hormone treatments.

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