7 Important Things Childbirth Classes Teach You

Giving birth soon? There is a lot of information out there on pregnancy and giving birth that you simply won’t lack for reading material. However, reading is different from practice. That’s where childbirth classes prove handy. They’re designed to give you hands-on practice and knowledge of what the impending childbirth would be about, how it’s going to go, and what you can do to pick the best class to help you through it as a first-time mommy.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in class:

1. Relaxation techniques
When the time comes, these techniques will help you breathe through the pain and momentarily give you relief and respite from giving birth.

2. Labor positions
What To Expect says this tells you all about positions wherein your infant is lined up with your pelvis in a bid to hasten the labor process and ease some of the pain and discomfort of giving birth.

3. Stages of a normal labor and delivery
Consider this as a run-through of the real thing. A lot of pregnant women are afraid or nervous about giving birth because they don’t know what to expect. With a run-through, that fear is reduced and women are able to face the experience with greater confidence and less certainty.

4. Delivery complications and the possible ways they’re handled
The point of the activity is to tackle the unknown, to talk about it in the open. Knowing what possible complications lie in wait for you in childbirth can lessen the fear, the nervousness you feel.

5. Basics on how to take care of the baby
Classes that focus on baby care essentials is a great help, especially for first-time parents. From postpartum care to breastfeeding and more, soon-to-be-parents are made to feel as ready as they can be for when their own little bundle of joy comes out.

6. Birth planning
Having a plan when it’s time to go to the hospital is a good idea. So have your go-to bag ready. Make a list of the contact numbers you need.

7. Pain relief techniques and breathing
Our culture portrays giving birth as a painful experience. By teaching pregnant women on how to lessen or ease the pain, they’re able to go through the experience with more dignity.

Reservations for Two?
If you can attend a few childbirth classes, Holistic Beginnings recommends trying to schedule them for when both you and a partner can attend. The classes are an amazing way for couples to bond.

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