6 Ways to Detox and Cleanse Your Body at Home

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Health

Are you considering a detox? Many people do; ridding your body of built-up chemicals and toxins is a great way to improve your body’s overall function and the way you feel. If things have been a little sluggish lately, here are six ways to get back on track – without leaving home!

Drink Water

Yes, this is the most obvious suggestion you’ll probably see on this list. But replacing soda and other sugary drinks with pure, fresh water – with a squeeze of lemon or lime, if you’d like – will improve your health tremendously.

Go Organic

Not interested in changing your diet much? Try swapping your current favorite foods for organic versions. You won’t notice much of a difference, but your body certainly will!

Don’t Be Fooled

It’s an unfortunate truth that some things that are marketed as detox and cleanse products are the exact opposite. Things to avoid include:

  • Artificial sweeteners. Choose natural sweeteners, instead.

  • Toxic oils in foods or for cooking. Choose beneficial oils, such as olive, avocado, and coconut.

  • Processed foods, especially those marketed as diet foods or drinks.

Take Your Vitamins

One of the best detox and cleanse products on the market today is the probiotic. Consult your natural food and drug retailer for which strains and strengths are best for you.

Replace Meat-Based Proteins with Legumes

Legumes are great, whole food. They provide the fiber you need to keep a continual cleanse going in your body, as well as the protein you need to build muscle and function on a daily basis. Replace meats – especially red meats – with more legumes for better health.

Go Beyond Skin-Deep

The best way to detox your entire system? Start from the inside, out. Don’t just focus on your body’s digestive system. Consult a mental or emotional health specialist, rejuvenate your spiritual health – whatever makes you feel refreshed and empowered, start there. Soon, you’ll be feeling better than ever.

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