5 Ways to Prepare If You’re Getting LASIK Surgery

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Eye Care

Vision problems affect quality of life. If you’re tired of living with blurry vision, wearing glasses or paying for contact lenses, going for LASIK surgery is a great solution. Here are a few things to help you prepare for the procedure:

Stop wearing contacts

Don’t wear your contacts for at least 2 weeks before you go for your initial evaluation and assessment. Go back to using your glasses. The two weeks only applies to you if you’re wearing soft contact lenses, though. If you have hard lenses, you’ll need to stop wearing them at least 4 weeks before.

Know the risks

Don’t go into the surgery without having full and complete knowledge of the risks that might happen. While knowing the benefits of the procedure is all well and good, being equally knowledgeable in possible risks and side-effects means you’ll know what to do in case any of those risks or side-effects happen.

Go through the exam

Doctors with considerable experience in performing successful LASIK surgeries will assess your health and condition before moving forward by conducting tests. These tests are meant to determine whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure or not, says the FDA.

Talk about your expectations

What do you expect out of the procedure? Talk this out with your surgeon along with what you expect before and after the procedure. This will help you keep your expectations realistic or if not, to manage your expectations better.

Decide if you really want to or not

Don’t feel like you need to undergo the procedure simply because of pressure from friends or family. If you aren’t comfortable doing it, then don’t. However, if your hesitation is primarily due to your own lack of knowledge, then no worries. Look for a reputable doctor and center and ask about the procedure. That should give you as much necessary information as possible.

Start preparing for the surgery. Keep these 5 tips in mind.

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