5 Tips Before You Visit the Vet

Some pets don’t like going to the vet. If yours is one of them, then you’ll want to learn a few tips to help you prep your furry friends when you take them in for their routine checkups. Here’s what you need to do.

Stay Calm

Your pets take their cue from you. Your feelings can easily transfer to them, so if you’re stressed, they will pick up on that too. Avoid making a fuss before you leave for the vet. If you’re not worried, they won’t be, too.

Bring a Leash or Crate

Leashes and crates make it easier to manage your pets when you bring them to a veterinary hospital in Los Angeles that you trust. Collars and leashes are especially good if your dog starts to resist going inside or if they start pulling against the leash.

Make Friends with the Crate

If your pets start associating visits to the vet with the crate, though, they’ll run every time they see you taking that out. Leave it in a place where they can see it every day. You might even want to feed them in the crate. That’s one way to associate happy thoughts with the crate.

Have Fun on the Drive

Don’t drive straight to the vet if you can. Go around the block. Get your dogs used to the car. Calming scents inside the car during the ride can help, too. Bring along their favorite toy as well. Give them treats. That way, they won’t think they’re going to the vet every time you bring them along for a ride.

Take the Time

Delays happen. Uncooperative pets, treatment that takes longer, emergency cases, and more—these are just some of the things that can happen. Prepare to spend a lot of time when you bring your pet to the clinic.

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