3 Things to Consider When Choosing PG Based Nicotine Products

Choosing vaping supplies can be overwhelming when you are new to vaping. There are so many flavours and options to choose from.

Vaping has seen a huge rise in popularity since 2011. Around seven million people were thought to vape then. This sharply rose to 35 million over the following five years.

Some people choose PG-based nicotine products rather than VG-based ones. This means propylene glycol is chosen over vegetable glycerine. Here are three things to think about if you want to use PG-based vaping products.

Is the Throat Hit Important to You?

Many people say the feel of the vapour hitting the back of your throat is better when using PG-based nicotine products. If you like that feeling when smoking, you may wish to replicate it by using propylene glycol-based products.

Do You Want to Create Smaller Clouds of Vapour?

Vegetable glycerine makes huge clouds of vapour. These can be off-putting to some people. If you prefer a much smaller cloud to appear whenever you vape, the PG-based nicotine alternative is the better one for you to use.

Do You Prefer A Less Sweet Taste to Your Vape?

Vegetable glycerine imparts a sweeter taste. This can interfere with the flavour of the vape. Many people choose propylene glycol as a base because it does not alter the flavour of their chosen eliquid. It would also be a better choice if you like sweet flavours but find the VG-based alternative too sweet when opting for flavours of that kind.

It can take some time to find the right eliquids for your needs when switching from smoking to vaping. It is worth spending time looking for the best options. If you dislike VG-based nicotine or you can answer yes to the above questions, propylene glycol is going to provide a better experience.

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