2 Common Causes of Omega-3 Deficiency and the Best Supplements To Buy in NV

Do you often experience joint pain and leg cramps? Have you been noticing that you are beginning to have brittle hair, dry skin, and/or nails that peel and crack? Do you find difficulties in concentrating on any particular task? If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms, then you may be experiencing an Omega-3 deficiency. Here are the two most common causes of Omega-3 deficiency and what you can do about it.


One of the most common causes of this condition is the food you eat, rather food that does not contain any Omega-3s in it. This means you may not be eating enough or not including any fatty fish in your meals. Those on very low-fat diets are at higher risk of Omega-3 deficiency or insufficiency.

Phospholipid Metabolism Abnormality

Another common cause of Omega-3 deficiency is due to a phospholipid metabolism abnormality. Research finds that those who suffer from major depressive disorder in conjunction with diet causes a phospholipid metabolism abnormality which results in an Omega-3 deficiency in the body.

High-Quality Supplements

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