What Hair Care Products Are Used By Men?

by | May 28, 2013 | Beauty

Men’s hair care products can be considered anything that changes the texture or shape of the hair. The best men’s hair products should start with the shampoo. Shampooing, as we know it today is relatively new, but hair care with soap root goes back to ancient times. The word “shampoo” has an interesting background; it is a derivative of the Hindi word “champo,” which means to use oils to massage the scalp. You just learned something new.

Forty or fifty years ago the meaning of the word changed to mean the application of soap to the scalp and hair. The original shampoo was made by scraping bars of shaving soap and boiling it with herbs, which gave sheen to the hair and a very nice aroma. Plain bath soap was not used as it left a difficult residue on the hair and irritated the scalp.

A genuine revolution in the area of the best men’s hair products began in England with the introduction of Brylcreem. The product set off a storm in men’s grooming. The water, mineral oils and beeswax that went into it gave the hair the ability to stay put and appear wet.

Even though the styles change; today the wet look is in, tomorrow the wet look is out, and an entire multi-million dollar industry has been built around men’s grooming products.

Today there is now a very wide range of products available, they come in sprays, pastes, waxes, mousse and every other delivery method imaginable.

Remember, the right choice of products can mean the difference between going bald at 30 and having a wonderful head of hair later in life. Part of this is also genetics, but products do play a role.

Hair Maintenance:

The perfect hair cut must start with a great head of hair; proper hair care goes beyond just a shampoo and a comb; it involves keeping the hair and scalp healthy.

If you use the proper product, you can shampoo as often as you wish. When you select the best men’s hair products for yourself, select the product for the hair type you have. If you have dry hair, then do not purchase and use a shampoo that is designed to remove oil, if you do then all you will succeed in doing is to further drying your scalp.

Probably, the most important product in a man’s shower is the conditioner. Well conditioned hair means a well-conditioned scalp. It is not recommended that shampoo/conditioners be used; it is very difficult to produce a top quality product of this nature, use a good shampoo and the use a good conditioner, that’s the best advice.

If you use hair gel, stay away from the extra firm formulation as it has the tendency to cover the scalp, not letting air to it. Use a soft gel which is more pliable and usually lasts longer. With a soft gel, a little water on the hands will quickly rejuvenate it.

Men’s hair care products are simple compared to the ladies, but do invest in high quality products to keep your hair looking great and to keep your scalp and hair healthy as well.

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