Understanding the Importance of Workers Comp in Hawaii

According to available statistical information, millions of people suffer due to work-related injuries and billions of dollars are lost every year due to lost work hours. But despite the best efforts of employers to provide a safe and favorable work environment for their workers, accidents and injuries do happen. And when they do, they can cause a major disruption in the life of the employee. Injured workers can find a difficult time dealing with their traumatic situation. Recognizing the priceless contribution of workers on the progress of our nation, both federal and state laws mandate the workers be given compensation for any occupation related illness or injury. Workers Comp Hawaii aims to help injured employees to cope up and recover any financial losses often associated with the injury. The law mandates that all companies provide their workers with compensation insurance to cover job-related injuries.

Although most companies provide health coverage for their workers or employees, some injured workers do not know or are unable to claim their workers compensation. In order to claim compensation for work-related injuries, you first need to seek proper medical treatment. This serves as documentation of the injury that you have sustained, the diagnostic or medical procedures undertaken to manage the illness, as well as all accrued expenses due to the illness or injury. Most healthcare facilities are knowledgeable about the process of claiming workers compensation and can guide you through the process.

It is also important to report the injury to your company through the supervisor or human resource department. Be sure to follow the company procedures when filing sick leaves or informing about injury. Normally, the employee will need to complete a Workers Compensation claim forms or the Application for Adjustment of Claim. Your employer will then forward the claim to the insurance provider.

Insurance agents would investigate the insurance claim. They will review the medical records provided, check with the healthcare facility and decide whether the injury is work related. If it is proven that the injury was due to the nature of the work, the employee will be given compensation benefits. Take note, however, that not all illnesses or injuries guarantee worker’s compensation. Medical conditions that are not related to your work are not eligible for adjustment claims.

Insurance carriers are very strict when it comes to injury claims. They thoroughly check the medical records of each applicant and scrutinize every medical treatments or procedures carried out. As such, it is recommended that you work with a healthcare facility that has experience or in-depth understanding of No-Fault and Worker’s Comp cases in Hawaii. As a matter of fact, you can find different clinics and healthcare settings that do accept workers compensation cases. There are also experienced compensation lawyers who can assist you in filling out the necessary paper work. They help workers to receive their maximum compensation and benefits.


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