Tips For Choosing A LASIK Eye Surgeon

If you are interested in having LASIK eye surgery, you need to do your research before you choose a LASIK eye surgeon in San Francisco. There are many factors you should consider when making this decision, such as their licensing and board certification, organizational affiliations, advertisements, referrals. Remember, your eyes are a very important organ and you want only the best. Here is what you need to know about choosing a LASIK eye surgeon in San Francisco.

Licensing & Certification

You want the best LASIK eye surgeon in San Francisco you can find. One way to ensure you achieve this goal is by making sure they are licensed, as this will validate their credentials. You can check a surgeon’s credentials via the National Practitioner Data Bank. In addition to license, you want to check on their certifications. You should check to see if your surgeon is board certified, meaning they are recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties and is certified to provide surgery in their specialty. Because you are having eye surgery, you could check with the American Board of Ophthalmology.

Organizational Affiliations

There are certain organizations, such as the American College of Surgeons, that uphold certain ethical standards for each of their members. Each one of these members must also be board certified. Check to make sure the LASIK eye surgeon in San Francisco that you have chosen is on this list. You could also determine this by the plaque on your surgeon’s office. If the letters FACS follow their name, then this means that they are indeed Fellows of the American College of Surgeons. This is one way to determine both their organizational affiliations as well as make sure they are board certified, as this is a requirement to be a FACS surgeon.


As you are driving around listening to the radio, you may hear an advertisement about different LASIK eye surgeons. Some of these commercials do provide more information than others and even announce different pricing for the laser eye surgery. It is important that you remember that these fantastic prices do not always include everything that your specialized laser eye surgery will entail, and it likely only quotes the price for one eye. Commercials and pricing should not be the only criteria you use to choose your surgeon. In fact, it should be your last consideration when choosing a LASIK eye surgeon in San Francisco.


One way you can really find a great LASIK eye surgeon in San Francisco is through referrals. If you have a friend or family member who has recently had LASIK eye surgery, you should ask them about their experience. You want to make sure you find out about how well they performed your surgery and how they treated you as a patient. In the event you do not know of any LASIK eye surgeons, ask your regular ophthalmologist or optometrist if they can refer you to a surgeon. They will have the knowledge about who the experts are in LASIK eye surgery.

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