Four Signs You May Benefit from Estrogen Replacement

by | Oct 26, 2018 | Health

As females age, their hormones decline. Hormones like estrogen and progesterone serve many purposes in the body. When they diminish or become imbalanced, they can result in symptoms like difficulty sleeping, mood changes, fatigue, vaginal dryness, and hot flashes. Here are the top four signs you may need estrogen replacement in Colleyville, TX.

Severe PMS

Pre-menstrual syndrome or PMS is common in women who are of child-bearing age. It can cause symptoms like bloating, moodiness and fatigue. These are usually worse the week before menstruation. For mild symptoms, over-the-counter medications can help. When it becomes severe, hormone replacement may be recommended.

Major Mood Swings

When hormones decline, it can have an impact on moods. This often leads to bouts of anxiety or depression. Sometimes, women don’t realize mood swings are related to hormonal issues. Those who are entering menopause often think it’s just part of aging. Severe mood swings are not normal and may be a sign of imbalanced hormone levels. Estrogen replacement in Colleyville, TX, can help balance out hormonal levels and alleviate mood swings.

Decreased Libido

Once a woman’s body begins producing fewer hormones, libido naturally declines. Even though this is somewhat normal, a sudden change in libido or decline impacting your relationship should be addressed by your primary care physician. You don’t have to live with decreased libido, vaginal dryness or discomfort during sex. Seeking out estrogen replacement in Colleyville, TX, can provide relief.

Menopause Symptoms

Menopause affects women differently. Some go through it quickly and easily. Others suffer for years and deal with numerous health problems, depression, and fatigue. Serious symptoms of menopause can keep you from taking care of your family, avoid social activities or inhibit you from performing daily tasks. When the symptoms cause a major life disruption, hormone replacement may be beneficial.

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