Finding An Emergency Doctor In Long Island Without Going To The Emergency Room

by | Feb 14, 2013 | Healthcare

Because of the high cost of emergency care in the emergency room as well as long waits during peak times, alternative options have arisen over the past several years. Sometimes health clinics will offer an urgent care option that has longer hours and service over the weekend or sometimes doctors will combine their efforts to offer late-night care either in their office or elsewhere. These efforts are very worthwhile as they allow people to see an emergency doctor in Long Island without actually going into the hospital.

No matter what your health situation is or the ages of your family members, it is probably a really great idea to have an idea of what emergency doctor in Long Island you will go to if you should feel you need to get medical care right away. Ask your regular doctor or the clinic where you go for your routine health care what options are available from their practice. If they have nothing to offer, ask if you can call your doctor during off hours and have him get back to your right away. Some doctors do have an answering service that will forward a message on your behalf and your doctor will get back to you. Some do not do this but the group of doctors will have someone on call but not necessarily your particular physician. If this is the case, get the numbers you should call and also ask when they would prefer you call them and when you should just go into the hospital. Once you find out, you should write the numbers down in a very prominent place in your home or put the number into your cell phone’s memory so that you have the number right away.

Even if your particular physician or clinic does not offer you an emergency doctor in Long Island, you can likely still find a clinic available in your area. Most of the time, these are rather heavily advertised so simply observing television or newspaper ads will give you some options that might work for you. If you decide to go to an urgent care clinic, it would probably be wise to find out how comprehensive their emergency care actually is and also their hours so that you do not waste precious time going into the clinic only to then be directed to the hospital because they are basically just an extended-hours general practice clinic and are not set up for real emergencies.

Finding an emergency doctor in Long Island might take a bit of forethought, but it is better to do this when you are not actually in an emergency. Take the time to ask questions, get directions, get numbers for the emergency doctor in Long Island and when an emergency happens, as it almost certainly will, you will have a plan in mind.

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