Choose an Eco-Friendly Baby Formula Manufacturer and Save the Planet!

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Health

With so many Infant Formula Brands available on the market, it can often be a challenge knowing which one to choose for your baby. For families who are concerned about the environmental impact that ready-to-feed formula packaging can have on the planet, it’s important to hunt for an eco-friendly formula manufacturer to ensure you can sleep with a clear conscience.

Organic and Eco-friendly

There are many Infant Formula Brands which claim to be organic and eco-friendly, but how do you know which is best? Look for the USDA organic label, which can be found on all certified organic baby products. You should also thoroughly check the ingredients, as just because it’s organic, doesn’t mean it’s healthy! Whether organic or not, the FDA require all baby formulas to meet certain nutritional requirements, so you won’t find too much difference between the ingredients in organic infant formula and regular formula – it is simply how the ingredients have been grown or sourced that certifies them as ‘organic’.

Save Waste

Always buy powdered formula if you’re looking to save on packaging. By purchasing ready-to-feed formula from leading Infant Formula Brands, you could be creating tons of unnecessary waste. You can recycle or reuse your formula containers, and by browsing online it should be easy to find a formula company who specialize in using recycled materials in their packaging and are committed to a greener existence. You should buy the largest size formula tins you can, to avoid wasting packaging and avoid single serve options, as these create the most waste. You can save even more waste by using tap water instead of bottled (a big ecological no-no!) – if you must then use a water filter to remove impurities from the water before mixing formula.

Investigate Manufacturers

Look into the manufacturer you have chosen to see what their commitment to the environment really is. For example, do they support both children’s health and green initiatives such as recycling and organic produce? Many store brand formula manufacturers are thoroughly committed to a greener future and are careful about the waste products they pump back into society, such as waste water and bacterial sludge – this can be treated and used as a special fertilizer. Any company looking to do their bit for the environment will have a robust recycling program in place which includes glass, plastics, metal but also less obvious things like machinery parts and fluorescent bulbs, all of which are used in bulk at manufacturer’s factories!

You can do your bit for the environment by choosing a green company who are committed to the environment and by recycling and reusing your baby’s formula tubs, creating less waste. This means a happier and healthier future for planet earth and all of us!

Store Brand Formulas are part of PBM Products, who joined forces with the Perrigo Company in 2010. PBM rebranded as Perrigo Nutritionals and is now one of the leading manufacturers of store brand infant formula in the world, producing 50 formulas and supplying 47 retailers worldwide. Perrigo Nutritionals prides itself on its dedication to developing new, innovative products that will support infant nutritional needs and appeal to parents worldwide and they are one of the leading Infant Formula Brands in the country.

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