Chiropractor Clinic Portland OR: Women’s Health

by | Apr 5, 2013 | Healthcare

Women are built differently from men and tend to have various concerns that men may not necessarily understand. Their hormones fluctuate from month to month; they are the primary caregivers in their homes and are constantly bending, lifting and standing for hours on end. They carry babies in their wombs and experience fluctuating weight gains as a result, their feet hurt, their backs hurt and, their joints too. At some point, women can feel like their bodies are one huge ache. Visiting a chiropractor clinic Portland OR every so often is a wise choice when it comes to women’s health for several reasons.

Often, women experience changes in their posture. For some it is fallen arches when they are pregnant which can lead to problems with the knees and hips later in their lives. The fallen arches mean that the shock of regular walking around is not absorbed as well as it used to be. This is a great challenge to them but nothing that a Chiropractor Clinic cannot help with. Another common challenge with women as they go about their duties in the home and office is fatigue and tightness of the muscles with time. This tends to lead to digestive problems such as bloating and the buildup of gas. There may also be pressure exerted on the nerves that serve the thyroid gland and these can lead to gradual weight gain. Amazingly, that initial tightness of the muscles and general body tension can be relieved by visiting a chiropractor clinic Portland OR.

Your health is your greatest asset and in order to keep it protected you will need to take a healthy diet, exercise and get enough rest. It is important that you also protect your health by visiting a chiropractor clinic where the doctor can give treatment aimed at maintaining and strengthening the efficiency and overall function of your body. At the Chiropractor Clinic Portland OR you will receive treatment that is not invasive like surgery and that does not involve taking drugs which can be harmful to the body. Instead you will receive therapy that is conservative based on neurological and physical examinations carried out by the chiropractor.

You will also undergo a postural analysis and an orthopedic examination because these can cause you undue aches and pains and even sleep deprivation which comes with its own complications. The doctor at the chiropractor clinic will work with you to help properly align your bones and give you proper posture. He or she will also go to work relieving the pressure that may have build on your nerves which can also cause pain and reduced mobility. If you have been suffering from lower back pain, tension headaches and migraines, foot pain and even infertility a visit to the chiropractor clinic can do wonders for you.


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