Why You Should Consider A Visit To An Ophthalmologist In Libertyville

When most people think of an eye doctor, they think of an optometrist. They can check your eyes and vision, as well as prescribe contacts or glasses. However, you may want to consider an ophthalmologist in Libertyville instead, especially if you already have glasses. They are specialists who can determine if you have any diseases and what can be done for them. They can also diagnose more severe problems and treat them, providing surgical procedures if necessary.

More Thorough

While any eye doctor is going to check your eyes thoroughly, an ophthalmologist in Libertyville has more training to spot more problems. The good news is that when they find these issues, they can correct them. Plus, they’ll detect them sooner, which means you may have a better success rate of saving your vision.

Offers Various Procedures/Services

While almost every eye doctor will have you read the eye exam lines and determine if you need glasses, a specialist can do much more. They can help with cataracts and can even provide Lasik surgery, which can correct some vision problems to where you won’t need to wear glasses. They can also offer Botox and other options that will have you feeling better.

Checks The Eyes And Vision

Of course, the primary goal of most people is to have someone who checks their vision and prescribes glasses, which a specialist can do, as well.


Specialists may also be able to recommend procedures and lifestyle changes to help improve your quality of life and vision. They may give eye drops or other products that will help with a variety of situations.

An ophthalmologist in Libertyville can help you see better and improve your quality of life. Visit Jacksoneye today to learn more about them and their services.

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