What to Expect from Drug Rehab

If you are struggling with drug addiction, you know the toll it can take on you and your family. That’s why drug rehab in Los Angeles, and other locations across the country are there to help. If you have taken the first step to recovery and admitted that you need help, you may be anxious about what’s ahead. Here are some basic guidelines of what you can expect over the next few weeks.

Therapy Sessions

These usually take place in the mornings and afternoons. There are several types of sessions offered, including group therapy, individual therapy and family therapy. There are benefits to each of these and your participation in all of them is strongly encouraged.

Through these sessions, you will learn specific tools you can use in everyday life to overcome your addiction, what triggers to watch out for, and how to react to those triggers in positive, healthy ways. Family sessions are designed to help ease anger and resentment issues that may be present.

Free Time

Each day, you’ll have a few hours of free time, in which you can choose from a number of activities. Some centers may have a swimming pool, tennis or basketball courts; or you may choose to spend your free time journaling, meditating or praying.

Alternative Therapy

Many centers recognize that addiction and mental illness are closely related and take measures to address both issues. Alternative therapy can include a number of sessions dealing with ADHD, Autism, depression and other mental health conditions.


When you are in rehab, you won’t be alone. You will be surrounded by others who are struggling just like you are. By sharing your stories together, you have the chance to help each other and make life-long friends.

Drug rehab in Los Angeles and other areas around the country may be the best place for you to get the help you need.

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