Virginia Spa Offers Master Esthetics Training Apprenticeships

Are you looking for a new career opportunity? Perhaps four-years of college is not what you had in mind? There are plenty of opportunities in the beauty and skin care market. This is a billion dollar business and according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2012 and 2022 the number of licensed skincare specialists is expected to have increased by 40%. Why? Baby Boomers have created a silver tsunami as this demographic continues to age.

Can you envision the potential opportunities available to provide the latest research and products to this youth-seeking demographic? Like any great idea, it requires some investigative work and if possible, on-the-job training.

Virginians Can Pursue Apprenticeships
If you preference is to gain on-the-job experience in lieu of formal school, or move up to a second tier, consider master esthetics training. Virginia has a dual-tier apprenticeship option, and one local Spa, AVI Career Training of Great Falls VA is offering a Master Esthetics Training apprenticeship. Our services include facial and other body and skin-care treatments. We value our customers and support our estheticians with superior products and opportunities to build your clientele.

Process of Licensure
An esthetician needs a license to perform Spa treatments for the skin. The licensing and certification is managed by individual states but for the most part the requirements are generally the same. The Virginia licensure requirements include:

*Completion of a State Approved Esthetics Program or an Apprenticeship
*Taking and Passing the State Esthetics License Examination
*Maintaining Esthetics Licensure

Formal Training vs. Apprenticeships
Most states require formal esthetician training through a licensed esthetic school or a school of cosmetology. However, the state of Virginia allows completion of an apprenticeship as fulfilling the training and education requirements to pursue licensure. Virginia also has a two-tier esthetician license. In addition to the standard esthetician there is a master esthetician license. A master esthetician is permitted to perform additional skincare services, such as:

*Medium-depth Chemical Peels
*Lymphatic Drainage
*Ultrasound and Laser Frequency Procedures

Avi Day Spa is offering master esthetics training. Virginia’s silver tsunami is fast approaching. Consider a career in the skin care industry. An apprenticeship will provide you with on the job training and a nice paycheck.

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