Three Benefits of Home Health Care Assistance for Patients and Caretakers

Even though you or a loved one may have a serious illness, having hospice care doesn’t mean that you’re giving up hope. Some people may be on long-term hospice care while being treated for chronic illnesses. Instead of being confined to a hospital, most patients can be treated at home and take advantage of these benefits.

Provides Caretakers with Breaks

If a family member is caring for a seriously ill loved one in his or her home, it can take a toll on him or her emotionally and physically and it can also affect his or her immediate family. Receiving help via home health care assistance allows caretakers to get a break and take care of themselves both physically and mentally. It also allows them to attend to their family responsibilities instead of being at the patient’s side 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Patients Are More Comfortable

Most people are more comfortable at home than they are in a hospital or nursing home so receiving home health care assistance allows them to be more relaxed. They will also recover from secondary illnesses or infections faster when they are at home versus being in a hospital. Patients also rest better at home as there isn’t anyone going into their rooms several times during the day and at night taking their vitals.

More Affordable Care

Having a loved one in a skilled care or nursing home facility is expensive and can quickly drain a bank account. Receiving home health care assistance is much more affordable for the family and it allows the patient to stay in familiar surroundings. Along with having his or her family with them, he or she can keep his or her pets nearby and receive comfort from them whenever he or she wishes.

If you’re interested in receiving assistance to stay home and be treated for illnesses in your home, contact Sacred Journey Hospice about their services. You can also follow them on Google+ for more updates.

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