Stop Your Desperate Need to Be in a Relationship

Do you feel like you have to be in a relationship in order to be happy? Do you feel overcome with emotional despair if you are not in a relationship? If you can answer yes to either of these questions then you may be a love addict.

The world of a love addict is filled with the obsession of constantly being in a relationship. This comes from the fear of being rejected or alone and can lead to an endless search for someone special that makes an addict feel whole. During this search a love addict may have actually missed several opportunities to be with someone that could give them a true intimate experience. However, the attraction and the intense feelings experienced when ‘falling in love’ become the main focus and it causes a love addict to constantly search for the ‘one.’

They are not actually ready for the peaceful intimacy found in a healthy relationship. Their life choices may even be based on searching for an elusive perfect relationship. This can include making endless wardrobe choices before settling on one outfit, spending hours at the gym and engaging in activities and hobbies that may not or may interest them just so they have an excuse to engage with others in social interactions and conversations.

You Can Recover from Love Addiction

Recovery from love addiction is not impossible. If you want to find a lasting and intimate relationship that is healthy you need to learn behavior that helps you drop your love addiction. The rush of a first romance can be addictive, especially to an addict. This is one of the main reasons an addict wants to engage in numerous relationships to keep feeling that rush.

Instead of creating a long-lasting nurturing bond they feel unhappy, detached, restless, discontent and irritable once the rush has worn off. It only gets worse when a love addict is faced with not being in a relationship at all. Then they may feel unworthy, desperate and alone until the rush of falling in love is felt again. This pattern is persistent and can lead to a significant amount of failed relationships and negative life consequences that escalate.

Turn to the Professionals for Therapy

A love addict is searching for life and emotional stability that they currently lack in their lives. You can learn how to find this for yourself when you enter into rehab at a facility that offers love addiction therapy and programs that will work well for you. Such therapy goes beyond a temporary fix and can give you the tools you need to enter into a healthy relationship so you can build a happier life.

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