Do You Need Eyeglasses in Brookline, MA?

Lots of people suffer from vision problems. While many of these issues might seem difficult to deal with, the fact is that specially made lenses in eyeglasses can fix a great many of these problems. Indeed, many younger people might see glasses as limiting their social lives or even their careers; however, modern glasses come in such a wide variety of styles and looks that finding a suitable pair is not too difficult and can even be considered something of a fashion outing!

When Does One Need Glasses?

Our eyes are wonderfully delicate mechanisms but they are not without fault at times. One of the most common vision problems is astigmatism. This is a condition where the convex cornea – or lens – of the eye is slightly malformed. As light rays enter the misshapen cornea, they are bent in a way that produces suboptimal vision. In this condition, someone might have trouble reading a restaurant menu because it appears blurry around the edges and indistinct at a distance.

Fixing Astigmatism

Wearing a good pair of prescription eyeglasses can repair this vision problem and result in what amounts to perfect vision. During an appointment with a specialist eye doctor, he or she will not only physically examine the eye to see if there are any other health problems but will also perform a series of vision tests to determine the type of problem and the extent of the problem. The data gathered from these tests determine the strength of the lens needed in a pair of eyeglasses in Brookline, MA.

Even if one has never had glasses, the fact is that age can also result in less than optimal vision as our eyes change. Indeed, many people who never wore glasses when they were young often find that they need them as they approach middle age in order to correct minor vision problems. Contact us to find out more and to book an appointment.

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