4 Damaging Myths about Drug Addiction and Recovery

There are plenty of damaging myths about drug addiction treatment and recovery. Belief in them could get in the way of your treatment. Here are some of the myths you should stop perpetuating:

Myth 1: There’s an addiction gene.

There isn’t. While biology is a factor, making some people with certain mental disorders to be more susceptible to drug abuse, experience and environment still shape who you are to a bigger extent. That means kids don’t automatically become drug addicts because someone in their family were addicts.

Myth 2: You have to hit rock bottom

Some people believe you must hit rock bottom before you really seek out help. But hitting rock bottom could also mean it might be too late, CNN says. Don’t let yourself believe you need things to get worse before they get better. Seek out drug addiction treatment early on. With plenty of online resources, finding ones in your area should be easy.

Myth 3: Willpower is all you need

It isn’t. Drugs change your brain structure. It overstimulates your pleasure system, which pushes you to always go for the ‘high’ you get from using the drugs. That’s not something you can turn off by willpower alone. You’ll need medically-assisted help through the detox and rehab stage of the treatment to ensure the best results.

Myth 4: Addicts are easy to identify

Nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone could fall into an addiction problem. That’s why it’s important to be on the lookout for the signs. If you think your friend or family member is showing signs of drug abuse, reach out and help.

With so many damaging myths out there, overcoming wrong impressions about drug abuse and recovery matters. Beyond recovery, better understanding could help patients recover from the negative stigma people have of drug users as well.

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